Can You Contribute More?


The final of the 6 Human Needs might be my favorite: Contribution.

People who strongly feel the need to contribute make a difference in their community. They’re empathetic, compassionate, and believe in the power of sharing.

Potential downsides? Tony Robbins says they include getting burned out, neglecting people closest to you, and being taken advantage of others.

I believe that making a contribution is vital to your self-care.

That’s right. Giving to others improves YOUR life.

“Living is giving,” as we’ve all heard.

And when we give, we always receive more in return – especially if we do so without thinking about getting anything at all.

Is there any better feeling than helping someone, whether it’s a stranger or someone you know?
Studies prove that volunteering or time or money makes us feel better and brings significant physical and mental health benefits.

And if your community doesn’t have the ideal way you’d like to contribute, you can always create your own.

It’s easy to forget how any times other people have helped you throughout your lifetime. And I’m not just talking about charity! I mean kindness, generosity of time and spirit, making a phone call on your behalf… The possibilities are endless.

By contributing to others, you’re not only helping to meet their needs. You’re also helping to meet your own.

So here are some journal prompts to consider:

  1. How do you currently contribute to the well-being of others or your community?
  2. Think of those times when you’ve made a meaningful impact or difference in someone else’s life. How did this contribute to your own sense of fulfillment and purpose?
  3. In what ways do you envision expanding or enhancing your contributions in the future, and what motivates you to do so?

Take them out into your world and let their answers reveal themselves to you.

Intend for deeper levels of clarity  and allow yourself space to be an observer to what comes up, like a person looking in and removing self-judgement.

To your health and well-being,
Sharon ~ Your No-Nonsense Holistic Women’s Wellness Coach

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