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I show you how to burn fat, build lean muscle, and eat however you want without sabotaging your goal.

1. book a free consult

2. Create a custom program

3. Transform your life

take a deep breathe.

TRUE: 80-90% of your fitness and health results come from your diet.

TRUE: No one can out-exercise/out-work a poor and misaligned diet.

Sound familiar?

  • You’ve been working towards trying to accomplish your goal for years and it just feels unattainable no matter what you do.
  • You’re almost there but can’t seem to go beyond the dreaded plateau.
  • You’re tired of popular fit body programs pushing tactics down your throat that simply don’t work.
  • You’re too much...too often and too long.
  • You’re under eating...Not eating enough to see muscle growth.
  • You’re over eating...Consuming more calories than you are burning.
  • You’ve just about given up hope and chalk it up to genetics.
  • You’re not focusing your mental muscle on who you want to become.

Here's the deal, your transformation is NOT elusive and impossible to achieve and maintain permanently

Improving your health should be easy and it should work. But most of us don’t know how to begin or sustain it during life's many seasons. This stops now.

Book today and finally get expert guidance, your own tailored blueprint and clear, easy-to-follow advice you can begin now. Nutrition by a woman and one who also experiences the same hormonal changes, seasonal ups and downs, and emotional feelings it can stir up that often affects our decisions.

Your Own Fitness Nutrition Strategy

It's important to note that not everyone responds the same way to the digestion and absorption of specific foods or to the uptake of specific nutrients into the cell. This is where the idea of individual differences comes into play.

According to the research, our individual differences are due to unique genetic differences.

Since we all have slightly different genetic profiles, it’s these differences that are responsible for our unique response to the food we eat.

That’s why there is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition.

Working with me Includes...

Individualization on:

Calorie needs
Macronutrient split
Nutrient timing
From calories and percentages to a real meal plan for each week
Supplement guidance

Special Dietary Strategies:

Very low-calorie diets
Very low carb diets
Carb and calorie cycling for fat loss and muscle gains
Very high carb diets for muscle gains
Plant-based diets
Keto diets
Paleo diets
And more...

2 powerful ways I can guide you in your transformation

Online Fat Loss Intensive Program

12 weeks Experience the Ultimate Fitness and Wellness Package!

  • Customized 50-minute workouts that can be adjusted to fit your needs
  • Tailored nutrition plans and expert advice, also adjustable to suit your preferences
  • Convenient anytime, anywhere access to our program
  • Personal accountability to help you stay on track and reach your goals
  • Motivating Mindset Toolset to help you transform how you view health, food, and fitness
  • Direct communication and advice from me
  • Exclusive app access and online portal to stay connected and track your progress
  • Weekly group coaching calls where you can learn and gain support from up to 30 minutes of coaching from your peers

Just the workouts Online Training

12 weeks Unleash Your Inner Athlete with My Anytime, Anywhere Fitness Program

  • 50-minute workouts to fit your busy schedule
  • *Does not include nutrition because you already rule this arena :)
  • Available for Fat Loss, Muscle Gains, Bikini, and maintenance
  • Accessible to you anytime and anywhere
  • Accountability to keep you motivated and on track
  • Motivational Mindset Toolset to help you stay positive and focused
  • Direct communication with me
  • Exclusive app access and online portal to stay connected and track your progress
  • Weekly group coaching calls (up to 30 mins) to connect with peers and learn new tips

what others are saying

Is this strategy right for me?

This is FOR you if:

You are fully committed to doing the work.

You accept full responsibility for your results.

You desire to create a lasting lifestyle change that is easy to maintain.

This is NOT for you if:

You won’t commit to the hard work.

You make excuses, whine, complain and/or blame

You are more interested in fads or quick results than real transformation.

This is a big question that I'm sure you're asking yourself. This question is not so much about whether it is right for you or not. The real question is - Will I be able to truly and unashamedly show up and commit to myself? This is a question that encompasses life as a whole. The only marked difference in this instance is my appearance in your life to serve as your flashlight guiding you along your weight loss path. Book your Strategy Session anyway and gain more clarity.

Aloha! Iʻm Coach Sharon

I’m a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in Fitness and I empower others to achieve their goal, promote optimal health, maximize their productivity and unlock their full potential.

I'm dedicated to helping you unlock your transformation and encourage peak performance through fitness and nutrition. My assistance goes hand in hand with your fitness strategy, whether that is daily running, swimming (any kind of cardio), yoga, dancing, gym, etc.

My holistic approach is grounded in the belief that true health and well-being come from a balance of physical, mental, and emotional health. I take into account your unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle, so you can achieve optimal results in a way that works best for you.

I'm passionate about inspiring our community to live their healthiest lives, and believe that anyone can achieve their wellness goals with the right guidance, support, and resources.

Discover the critical keys to transformation success!

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