Your Own Fitness Nutrition Strategy

It’s important to note that not everyone responds the same way to the digestion and absorption of specific foods or to the uptake of specific nutrients into the cell. This is where the idea of individual differences comes into play.

According to the research, our individual differences are due to unique genetic differences.

Since we all have slightly different genetic profiles, it’s these differences that are responsible for our unique response to the food we eat.

That’s why there is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition.

Working with me Includes…

Individualization on:

  • Calorie needs
  • Macronutrient split
  • Nutrient timing
  • From calories and percentages to a real meal plan for each week
  • Supplement guidance

Special Dietary Strategies:

  • Very low-calorie diets
  • Very low carb diets
  • Carb and calorie cycling for fat loss and muscle gains
  • Very high carb diets for muscle gains
  • Plant-based diets
  • Sports diet
  • Keto diets
  • Paleo diets
  • And more…
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