Let Your Imagination Run Wild for Your Bucket List

All right, friends! I have a super-fun project for you today.

Today, you’re going to work on your bucket list. If you’ve gotten lost since making New Year’s resolutions, or if you never prioritize yourself, or if you’ve forgotten the importance of dreaming big, then this is going to make your day.

The phrase “bucket list” had become widely known to illustrate things you want to do at least once before you die – before you kick “the bucket.”

Some bucket lists might include parachuting out of an airplane… or watching the sunset in Hawaii… or running the Boston Marathon…

There’s no limits. No rules. Whatever you want!

So, let’s do it. Grab a pen and paper, or type it on your laptop or device, right now. There’s no minimum or maximum number of items for your bucket list. Just put down anything you’d like to do at least once in life.

Dream big.

Let your mind – and heart – wander in all sorts of directions. Places to go, yes, but also … people to see, projects to build, events to complete, or emotions to experience… You don’t have to “realistic,” either. If you want to be Princess Leia for a day, write it down!

It’s all up to you.

When you’re done with the first “brainstorm” style list, maybe go back and do a light edit. There might be some redundancies or potential groupings. There might be ACTUAL WAYS to do some of the fantastical stuff (like cosplay or theme parks).

But don’t judge yourself.

Rather, indulge yourself. Remember, your bucket list all about YOU. Nobody gets to say “You can’t do THAT” about anything on it.

Then, try to get specific. It’s one thing to say, “I want to see Paris.” Great! Let’s go deeper. “I want to see Paris… and walk into that bakery shop I saw in a movie… and smell the pastries… and tear open the fresh croissant…”

Have fun with this. Feed your sense of adventure and of play. Recall what you dreamt of as a child and consider if you still have those aspirations. What will bring you joy?

Are there items on your list that you want to pursue now? Or are you happy to leave most of them for “someday” …?

Both can be nice. You decide!

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