The G Word

Have you ever looked at the people who seem to do and have it all?⁣
The ones who effortlessly eat well, exercise, and are the epitome of health?⁣
The ones whose kids win every award and they’re the classroom parent of the year despite also having a full-time career?⁣
Speaking of which…it seems like they’re being constantly honored with work accolades and promotions.⁣
It can all seem unfathomable.
But self-made, highly-successful people have common characteristic.⁣
The G word.⁣
Doing the uncomfortable things.⁣
Continuously showing up – even through the many times you don’t want to…and especially when you feel like you’re being knocked down.⁣
Never saying “I can’t” but rather “I’ll find a way.”⁣
Building grit is like building a muscle It’s a skill developed over time.⁣
But once you’ve got grit, nothing can stop you from reaching goals in any area of life.⁣
Wanna build grit around your health and fitness? Comment below or message me and let me know so we can get you started. Would love to know your thoughts around GRIT!⁣
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